Dr. Sarah Davies

MBChB, MRCGP, IFM Certified Functional Medicine practitioner

Dr Sarah graduated from the University of Manchester in Medicine in 2003, and after several years in hospital medicine, pursued a career in General Practice and has been both a GP partner and salaried GP since 2006.

As a functional medicine doctor, Dr Sarah works with patients from across the UK and Europe to support those with complex health conditions. She has a particular interest in the management of chronic fatigue and thyroid problems and has worked extensively with patients suffering from autoimmune diseases such as arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The clinic also offers a specialist service supporting adults with cognitive decline / Alzheimer’s Disease, who wish to use Dr Dale Bredesen's RECODE protocol. Dr Sarah is also happy to work with children including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and food sensitivities.

GMC Number: 6078548

Empowering you to heal & grow

Dr Sarah’s Story

With a longstanding active interest in nutrition, Dr Sarah began to look for more natural and non-drug based ways to help herself and her family with their health problems. After seeing the amazing benefits of the functional approach in practice both at home and with her NHS patients, she decided to train in Functional Medicine.

Dr Sarah is one of only a handful of fully Certified Functional Medicine doctors in the UK. As well as over 17 years of experience as an NHS doctor and GP, Dr Sarah has completed her training in Functional Medicine with the prestigious Institute for Functional Medicine based in the US.

Working alongside a multi-disciplinary team of expert Nutritional Therapists Ursula Gothard and Erica Gibbon and a Health Coach, psychologist and Journey Practitioner Karen Butler, Dr Sarah uses her knowledge of general medicine alongside her training in nutrition, genomics and lifestyle medicine to help a wide range of patients with chronic health conditions to restore and optimise their health.

Dr Sarah is passionate about the importance of nutrition and lifestyle in shaping and optimising health -preferring this approach over medications to mask symptoms wherever possible. She has many successes treating patients with autoimmunity, thyroid problems, chronic fatigue and many other issues using these techniques.

After seeing the amazing benefits of the functional approach in practice both at home and with her NHS patients, she decided to train in Functional Medicine.

The clinic sees educating and empowering patients to take control of their own health as essential for success. It is often the efforts of the patient themselves which has the biggest impact when working in this field.

A great advocate of advanced nutritional and hormonal screening tests, Dr Sarah is an expert in the use of advanced functional testing to inform her holistic Functional treatment plans. She is an expert in the use of organic acids to inform nutritional therapy and has lectured nationally for Genova Diagnostics in this field.

The clinic is committed to providing the opportunities for other Practitioners in training to learn more about Functional medicine in practice and allows others to sit in on her clinic to observe.

With continued teaching from both IFM and the growing Functional Medicine community, Dr Sarah continues to expand her knowledge of the latest cutting-edge Functional medicine techniques for application in practice.

Meet the rest of the team

Dr Sarah's team of specialists and experts are at the heart of the clinic's work.

Joan Combs

Practice Manager

Joan has 16 years’ experience as an NHS Practice Manager and has worked with Dr Sarah in the Functional Medicine Clinic since 2017. She holds a Distinction in Primary Care Management and was a practice Manager in Tameside before coming to work in the Functional Medicine Clinic.

Joan loves dealing with patients and is known at the clinic for her calm and supportive nature. She is the go-to person if you need advice on how the clinic works or need help with appointments, prescriptions or help with payments.

Joan has a love of the outdoors and her passions include Fell-walking and running and spending time with her family.

Sarah Watson

Practice Administrator and PA to Dr Sarah

Sarah has been a medical secretary for 18 years working in NHS hospitals as well as a busy GP Surgery. After 3 years of typing thousands of Dr Sarah’s clinic letters, there is very little about Functional Medicine that Sarah doesn’t know!

Sarah can advise patients on the work the clinic does and the treatments on offer. Sarah is a great problem solver and will help you with any problems around the practice administration.

As well as her admin role, Sarah helps to enable the smooth running of the clinic and stands in for Joan when she is absent.

Alongside her work in the clinic, Sarah is trained as a Gardening Therapist, and volunteers at her local Mental Health Unit helping patients to regain health and wellbeing through gardening and being in touch with nature.

Karen Butler BSc (Hons) Psychology

Journey Practitioner, Health coach

Karen gained her BSc(Hons) in Psychology in 2001 and also earned her master Coaching Certificate. She spent 22 years working within corporate organisations helping businesses to optimise employee performance while coaching the workforce in how to get the best from their working environment.

After a career working in business, Karen decided to formalised her counselling skills and switched her focus to helping individuals to optimise their potential through psychotherapy. She is member of the National Counselling Society and holds an Advanced Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling and a Certificate in Counselling Skills for Working with Children.

The Journey

Karen is a trainer on the global Journey Method Online programme, including ‘Out Of The Blue - freedom from depression’. She offers Journey Therapy both in the Clinic and online.

Karen is a trainer on the global Journey Method Online programme, including ‘Out Of The Blue - freedom from depression’. She offers Journey Therapy both in the Clinic and online.

This technique is a globally recognized and critically acclaimed healing and transformational process, pioneered by Brandon Bays.

The Journey has released hundreds of thousands of people from blocked emotions and trapped cell memories, releasing conditions as varied as anxiety, depression, physical illness, trauma, low self-esteem, phobias, unwanted behaviours, pain, relationship difficulties and career limitations, allowing them to live more freely and to their potential.

This approach uses guided introspection to enable clients to strip away layers of emotions that have been stored in their bodies over the years, causing both emotional and physical blocks. Sessions last up to 3 hours for adults and 90 minutes for children.

Karen’s Personal Experiences with Functional Medicine

From the age of 11, Karen’s daughter began to suffer with health issues and fatigue, by the age of 20 she could barely stand or even speak. However, through working with Dr Sarah at the clinic, the Functional Medicine approach allowed her to successfully return to and complete her university studies, after taking 2 years out.

Having seen the power of Functional Medicine to transform lives, Karen is a passionate advocate for Functional Medicine. Her real life practical experience in caring for her daughter with Chronic Fatigue makes her the perfect health coach to support those suffering from this condition.

Having worked through many aspects of our Treatment Plans in practice, Karen is ideally placed to help patients make our recommendations a practical reality. Her combination of empathy, the wealth of psychological tools at her disposal and her real life experiences make her an enormous asset to our team.

In her spare times Karen enjoys horse riding and Nordic Walking.

Erica Gibbon (BSc, MBANT, CNHC)

Functional Nutritional Therapist

Erica has her own Nutritional Therapy clinic in Southport and works with clients face-to-face and online supporting them to achieve better health and more happiness through personalised 1-2-1 programmes, group training sessions, support groups and retreats.

Throughout her life, Erica has been fascinated by the ability of the mind to rise to, and overcome, challenges of the body and brain to regenerate health. That has led to her also practising as a HeartMath Coach, NLP Practitioner and Reiki therapist. She has studied with the Institute of Functional Medicine, The National Centre for Eating Disorders and The Chrysalis Effect for ME, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia recovery.

She is certified and regularly, teaches ‘The Brain Health Programme’, a nutrition and lifestyle programme to optimise memory, wellbeing and mood based on traditional wisdom and the latest research in Functional Medicine and neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to form new neural connections).

Erica has a passion for teaching and making complex subjects simple to understand and implement.

The journey towards optimal health has to start from where each of us finds ourselves now. Change is not always easy, but once the benefits are felt, the encouragement to continue gathers momentum.

— Dr Sarah Davies

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