High Lane Medical Centre
The Village Green,
Buxton Rd, High Lane,
Stockport SK6 8DR

Please note, although we are located in the Health Centre we are not part of the NHS practice there so please do not contact them about our services.

The Functional Foundation Programme

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Investing in Your Health

When considering the total cost of a Functional Medicine treatment plan, you should also consider the possible impact of the need to purchase supplements and perhaps a change in your food shopping bills (we advocate a wholefood diet, preferably organic and free from processed foods). Depending on individual circumstances, this could add an estimated cost of £50-£150 /month for 1st 2-3 months (guideline only).

When visiting the clinic we estimate that most patients would need an initial and a follow Up appointment with Dr Sarah plus at least the minimum of the New Patient screening tests (£750).

The new alternative is to see the Nutritional Therapist for 2 sessions while having the basic testing package done and to then book in for a double appointment with Dr Sarah.