Clinic Email Policy

Due to the extreme pressure of email requests to the clinic we do have to restrict the time allocated to answering emails. It is understandable that you may need to ask questions after visiting the clinic and we do offer 15-minute follow up phone calls to support you with any issues or queries.

Emails that will take Dr Sarah more than 5 minutes to answer or will require her to review the patient records or results to understand the issues involved will be billed for at £55 for 15 minutes.

If you are struggling to implement your treatment plan, we advise that you book an online appointment with one of the Nutritional therapy team who will be able to help you make the plan practical and offer support or amendments as needed.

Suggestions to help us to answer your queries quickly and efficiently:

  • If you have a few questions, save them up over a week and lay them out in bulleted format to be answered.
  • Please don’t assume that Dr Sarah will remember everything about your case. A few pointers such as ‘I started my thyroid medication 3 weeks ago at a dose of 50mcg.’ is always helpful.
  • If you have a lot of questions which will be difficult to answer without clarification, Dr Sarah may advise you to book a phone consultation to deal with the matters more swiftly in conversation. We find this prevents the need for an email conversation.

We would be grateful if all emails could be sent to the main clinic address at:

From here they will be triaged by either the Practice Manager Mrs Combs or PA Mrs Sarah Watson. If you could help us by indicating the nature of your email in the subject line this would also be helpful. Examples of who is responsible for common queries:

  • Appointments and booking – Mrs Combs and Mrs Watson
  • Requests for copies of test results – Mrs Combs and Mrs Watson
  • Prescription orders (please specify quantity and strength of prescription item if known, alongside details on where it is to be posted to if not being returned to your address) – Mrs Combs (who will liase with Dr Davies)
  • Copies of letters and reports – Mrs Sarah Watson
  • Invoices and receipts – Mrs Combs

If your email is forwarded to Dr Sarah, then it will be dealt with in turn and generally on a Friday (admin day). This may take 7-10 days due to the amount of other patients also requesting email advice. If your request is urgent then please mark it as such and we will try to deal with it in an appropriate timescale.

When ordering prescriptions please do so well in advance to ensure you get the new medication in time.

Please do bear in mind:

  • All staff are part time (including Dr Sarah) and are not expected to work outside of the allotted clinic hours Tuesday to Thursday.
  • We don’t have the resources to offer any form of emergency medical service. All acute illness should be referred to your GP.

Contacting the Clinic

By Phone:

Our Practice Manager Mrs Joan Combs can take appointment booking requests and patient queries by phone on Tuesday to Thursday between 8:30am and 3pm. Outside of these times please text a message or email us to make a request. If you would like us to call back, then don't forget to leave a phone number and the best time for us to call you. Please note the office is closed from Friday to Monday and all staff are part time.

For urgent advice we would prefer to be contacted by phone as this means your query will not be delayed by the wait for email response.

Our Number is: 07496080755