Laying a Firm Foundation

The foundations of good health lie in a healthy diet, quality sleep, low stress with opportunities for relaxation and an appropriate movement programme. In our Online group course, our expert Nutritional therapy team can help you start your journey towards better health.

The Functional Foundation Programme:

Our 10-week course is hosted by our Nutritional Therapist Team with assistance from Dr Sarah and aims to help you optimise your diet, support long term healthy behavioural change and build a solid foundation with Lifestyle guidance for long-term well-being and health improvements.

Each week we will offer online classes of 1 hour with a small group to enable everyone to participate, contribute and learn in a safe, motivating and supportive setting. This will be complemented by our weekly online check-ins to help with accountability, trouble-shooting and extra materials to help you achieve your goals and overcome challenges.

Limited to 20 participants only on a ‘first come, first served basis’, we will take bookings on a rolling basis. Courses typically start in April and September.

Course attendees will receive:
  • A Free copy of the recipe book we will be using to support the course – Mickey Trescott’s ‘The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook’.
  • 20% discount on a range of selected supplements which we recommend to accompany the diet and lifestyle changes from our Nutritional Shop ‘My Functional Apothecary’ for the duration of the course.
  • Enrolment into the Private Facebook Group for weekly Updates and support.
  • Opportunity for 1:1 Nutritional Therapist Advice where necessary alongside the group sessions.

    Our Highly skilled Nutritional Therapists are trained in Functional Medicine techniques and are also skilled in helping patients with the often tricky, lifestyle and behavioural changes needed to allow our Functional Medicine treatment plans to work for them.

    The Functional Foundation Plan

    Course details:

    Phase 1:

    • Assessing your Health
    • Understanding the links between food and health and the Therapeutic effects of food.
    • Essential preparation for change, confidence building, planning.
    • Setting the stage for success.

    Phase 2:

    • The Autoimmune Paleo Diet Plan
    • Balancing Blood sugar and managing cravings
    • Breath-works and balancing for stress
    • Optimising Digestion
    • Mindfulness and self-awareness with food

    Phase 3:

    • Food re-introductions
    • Vitamin D, Sunshine and fresh air
    • Essentials of Detox – Food, Environment and Mind

    Phase 4:

    • Self-discovery and setting the path for the next 6 months
    • Celebrating your Progress
    • Your ‘Brand New Normal’

    Price: £595 (Payment taken on booking)

    Booking Criteria:

    Please note this course is not suitable for the following patient groups:

    • Under 18’s
    • During Pregnancy and breast-Feeding
    • Vegetarian or Vegan patients (pescatarians can be catered for). We feel work with these patients is better catered to in a 1:1 setting. Should there be enough interest in a specific Vegan course in the future then this is something we would consider – do send us feedback if you wish).
    • Those with active eating disorders or BMI under 18. Again we prefer to work with more vulnerable patients in a 1:1 setting. If you have concerns about this then do call to discuss the issues with us 1st.
    • Patients with multiple chemical sensitivities (for example severe histamine intolerance or known salicylate or Oxalate sensitivity). The diet plan we are using is high in these chemicals and 1:1 setting is necessary to cater for these specific needs.

    If we find there is a valid reason why the course is unsafe or inappropriate for your needs, then a full refund will be considered.

    All Participants will be required to complete a full medical History form on successful booking. This is so that we can understand your health needs better and make necessary adaptations for you if needed.

    If you have any worries or concerns about whether the course is right for you then do contact the clinic team at