Laying a Firm Foundation

The foundations of good health lie in a healthy diet, quality sleep, low stress and relaxation and an appropriate movement programme. Even before we have access to your test results, our expert Nutritional therapy team can help you start your journey towards better health.

The Functional Foundation Intake process:

Step 1: Book in with the clinic to secure an initial appointment with Dr Sarah. Once your appointment is between 8-12 weeks away, over-18’s will be eligible to join the Functional Foundation programme.

Step 2: Fill in your secure online health screening questionnaire. We ask you to identify your main life and wellness goals and health challenges. We also take a full past medical history and request details about your general diet, lifestyle and other issues relevant to the Functional Medicine assessment.

Step 3: Once all the information has been returned to the clinic, book in with one of our Experienced Functional Medicine trained Nutritional Therapy team to start the programme online.

Our Highly skilled Nutritional Therapists are trained in Functional Medicine techniques and are also skilled in helping patients with the often tricky, lifestyle and behavioural changes needed to allow our Functional Medicine treatment plans to work for them.

The Functional Foundation Plan

What we offer:

The aim of the programme is to equip you with the basic Functional Medicine tools to start improving diet and Lifestyle choices to improve your health.

Nutritional Therapist coaching:

  • Your initial session with the Nutritional therapist will be around 90-minutes. This will allow your Therapist to get to know your circumstances and tailor the Foundational diet and lifestyle plan to meet your needs.
  • A further 45-minute follow up session is then offered 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation to check up on your progress and offer further help and advice.

The programme is fully customisable to allow us to adapt the sessions to your needs and you can book further online sessions or telephone calls flexibly to get all the support you require.

With each online consultation we offer email support (up to 2 short emails per consultation), and 15-minute phone calls or further 45 minute online follow up sessions are also available on request.

Access to Functional testing:

  • Alongside the Nutritional Therapist coaching, we will endeavour to ensure that all of your appropriate Functional health and nutritional screening tests are carried out so that the results will be back in time for your 1st appointment with Dr Sarah. In this way, we hope you will be ready to really to start on a bespoke treatment plan formulated by Dr Sarah in the light of your test results and Dr Sarah’s detailed assessment by the end of the 10-12 weeks.

A double appointment with Dr Sarah:

  • Your 1st Consultation with Dr Sarah will be 90 minutes (a double appointment), to take into account that she will be assessing your case and getting to know you as well as going thorough all your functional testing results to create a detailed and individualised treatment plan at your 1st consultation. Normally this consultation would be split into two 6-8 weeks apart, but the Foundation plan means that we expect all the basics to have been covered by the time you see Dr Sarah.
  • Dr Sarah will produce a written report on your case and test results review, plus a new individualised treatment plan to be discussed with your Nutritional therapist.

Further Nutritional Therapy input:

  • Following your appointment with Dr Sarah, you will have another 45-minute appointment scheduled with your Nutritional therapist for support with the new treatment plan from Dr Sarah.

Further Reviews with both Dr Sarah and your Nutritional therapist will be available as required with access to any testing deemed appropriate as your case progresses.